In Morocco …

As the poet has it, 'Morocco is a doorway that opens onto a dream' and especially those dreams that we lose sight of in an increasingly inhuman world which affords the time neither to enjoy life nor to dream. Yet such dreams remain within reach - they are close by, waiting to engulf us. Luxuriant gardens like little corners of Paradise, lacy carved plasterwork like silent symphonies beckoning us to embark on a mysterious voyage, fretwork screens behind which dusk falls in pools of subtle colours bringing to mind the soft rustle of Oriental silks, or the wistful notes of the gently strummed strings of a lute bringing out hidden feelings and hopes and the peaceful plashing of water rising like a spring from a brightly- tiled fountain as if to remind one of the languid passage of time, mingling with the warm welcome that is the innate gift of this colourful people full of joie de vivre, always ready to give and to receive.

Such is Morocco, intimate, brimming with feeling and emotion, open to contacts with the other. Nothing could be further from the aseptic boulevards of Western cities - Morocco is alchemy brought to life fresh each day, each day that dawns promising as many different stories as there are routes through the labyrinth of narrow, twisting alleyways in the Old Cities and as full of possibilities as the madding crowds that fill them - this is a society on the move, a bouquet of noise, flavours, scents and colours to dazzle the senses. If you explore farther, what will you find besides ? Mud walls enclose groves of palm trees that frame a seemingly infinite horizon, a kasbah stands proud against the sky despite all the years that have taken their toll, made of the very earth on which it stands yet almost floating in the air, vast empty spaces on the endless plains and the immense scale of the mountain ranges, the empty silent desert bounded only by the oceans and seas that lap the shores of Morocco.

Such is the Kingdom of dreams, the land of one thousand kingdoms, a perfect host nation ready to open her heart to anyone who knows how to appreciate her … why not let Morocco steal a place in your heart too ? From Tangiers and Fez to the Deep South, from Marrakesh to Agadir, from the lazy waves of the Mediterranean to the sand dunes of the Southernmost flanks, there is no single Morocco - there are ten, twenty, perhaps a thousand Moroccos awaiting you, each one with its own storehouse of traditions, its own way of life and its own identity. This is a land of interest to every kind of tourist and traveller, it is a cloth of many colours, woven from endless contrasting scents, landscapes and myriad places to discover, all combining to give the country its life and soul.

Extract from
'Le Tourisme Marocain, l'Eternel Espoir'
by Abdelhadi Alami

Fez …

The city of One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, spiritual and cultural capital of Morocco and a World Heritage Site.

Founded in 789 by Idriss the First on the right bank of the river. Refugees from Al-Andalous, Arabs, Jews, craftsmen, rich traders and scholars all came to live in Fez while dynasties rose and fell, leaving behind them sumptuous palaces, mosques, gardens and schools.

Fez is a destination fit for a king - palaces, hotels, golf courses, restaurants, spas, entertainment and shows, the Fez Festival of Religious Music, and much much more.